High quality microcrystalline water soluble fertilizers NPK with micronutrients
  • Suitable for all soil irrigation techniques
  • Without impurities
  • Without chlorine, sodium, or calcium
  • Low levels of biuret
  • Enrich with micronutrients in fully chelated form (EDTA)
  • 100% soluble in cold water
  • Lower the pH of solutions to sub-acid values
  • Low salinity
  • Present wide options of formula

Nutrigold are microcrystalline water-soluble fertilizers made with the highest quality and purest raw materials.

Nutrigold fertilizers are suitable for any liquid irrigation equipment, can be used with hard water, will not clog up lines and sprinklers and makes nutrient solution preparations easier. It is safe for plants, makes nutrients absorption by plants easier, satisfies the demand of nutrients for many different plant species.

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Water soluble fertilizers