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Organic growth activator with amino acids – for foliar applications.


Albamin is an organic liquid fertilizer with high nitrogen content, made with a balanced mixture of free amino acids and particularly suitable for foliar applications.


Albamin can be used after transplanting, during early vegetative growth and flower development and in all the critical phases of the vegetative cycle when crops need promptly available nutrients. The free amino acids in Albamin are both quickly absorbed by leaves and immediately used in biochemical processes, saving plants considerable amounts of energy and inducing a revitalizing action, along with the ability to transport other molecules in the mixture.
With the application of Albamin it is possible to obtain an increase in plant growth metabolism (overcoming periods of inactivity), more regular development and growth and greater yields.


% w/w % w/v
Organic (N) nitrogen, soluble 6.5 7.8
Organic matter (O.M.) 42 51
Amino acids (AA), total 40.4 48.9
Amino acids (AA), free 7.6 9.2


Density 1210 g/L – pH 6 – 7




Foliar Spray


Doses are referred to each application:

Crops Application rate Number and timing of applications
Fruit trees 200-300 g/ha

(150-250 ml/hl)

2-4 applications beginning with new vegetative growth
Olive trees, grapes 3-4 applications beginning from fruit setting
Vegetables, strawberries, leafy vegetables 2-3 applications after transplanting and in the first vegetative stages
Ornamental shrubs and trees,
Nursery plants
Repeat applications as necessary from the first stages of growth and development


Albamin 1 L bottle (carton: 16 x 1 L)
6 L can (carton: 2 x 6 L)


Albamin can be used with the normally applied foliar and soil fertilizers. It can be mixed with the plant protection products applied normally.


It is very important not to use Albamin in solutions with very alkaline chemical compounds, mineral oils, sulphur, polysulphides and copper compounds.
The product is stable between +5° C and +35° C. Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place, away from sources of heat/ignition. Protect from sunlight.


ALBAMIN safety sheet
ALBAMIN product sheet