Fertilizers based on chelated Iron (Fe)


The Diaferrene is a range of fertilizers based on chelated iron (Fe). These products are in liquid or in powder form and are suitable for drip irrigation or foliar spray.


The Diaferrene Line is highly effective in preventing and treating iron deficiency.
The Diaferrene Line acts quickly and with high efficiency in elevated pH soil conditions. The Diaferrene Line is allowed in organic agriculture.


% w/w % w/v ortho-ortho EDTA
Diaferrene 6 2,4
Diaferrene Top 35 6 3,5
Diaferrene Top 44 6 4,4
Diaferrene HL 6 7,6


Form Solubility g/L Density g/L pH
Diaferrene Powder 80 – 100 4 – 8*
Diaferrene Top 35 Powder 60 3,5 – 10*
Diaferrene Top 44 Powder 60 4 – 9,5*
Diaferrene HL Liquid 1270 6,5 – 7,5
*stability range


Foliar Spray Drip Irrigation Hydroponics

DOSES, WAY, time of application

Doses are referred to each application.

Products Type of application crops
Fruit trees Citrus Vegetables Ornamental
Diaferrene Soil 60 – 100 g/tree 80 – 250 g/tree 1 – 2 g/m2 4 – 8 g/m2
Diaferrene Top 35 Soil 60-100 g/tree 80-250 g/tree 1-2 g/m2 4-8 g/m2
Diaferrene Top 44 Soil 60-100 g/tree 80-250 g/tree 1-2 g/m2 4-8 g/m2
Diaferrene HL Foliar 0,8–1 L/ha
TIMING OF APPLICATIONS After leaves fall and before vegetative renewal, when there are symptom of deficiency After transplanting, during the development of flower and fruits and there are symptom of deficiency


Diaferrene Kg 1 (carton 10 x 1)
Kg 5 (carton4 x 5 kg)
Kg 20
Diaferrene Top 35
Diaferrene Top 44
Diaferrene HL 1 L (carton 16 x 1 L)
6 L (carton 2 x 6 L)


The efficiency of Diaferrene, Diaferrene Top 35 and Diaferrene Top 44 may be increased by using products based on thiosulphate (Tioplus Basis and Tioplus
36K) and by using products based on Organic Matter (Aminoton, Mixamin, Bio Riviter). The efficiency of Diaferrene HL is increased when used in a mixture with products that contain amino acids (Aminoton, Betacrop).


Avoid mixing with highly alkaline compounds, mineral oils, sulphur, calcium, copper-based chemical compounds.


DIAFERRENE HL safety sheet
DIAFERRENE Top 35 safety sheet
DIAFERRENE Top 44 safety sheet
DIAFERRENE product sheet