Fertilizers based on single macro- and microelements complexed with amino acids


The Promet family includes a line of fertilizers based on single microelements complexed with amino acids of natural origin.


The Promet Line prevents and treats the physiopathies related to macro- and microelements. Because of their high content of amino acids, Promet Line products have a biostimulant action on plants that results in an anti-stress action. The amino acids facilitate the absorption and translocation of metals into the plant.
Promet Ca is a liquid fertilizer based on calcium oxide complexed with amino acids. It prevents calcium deficiency and guarantees better fruit preservation. Promet Cu is a liquid fertilizer based on copper complexed with amino acids with translaminar action. It prevents and treats some pathologies caused by bacteria and fungi (Erwinia Spp, Pseudomontas Spp, Xanthomonas Spp, Verticillum Spp, Antracnosi Spp, Cercospora Spp, Alternaria Spp, Botrytis Spp, Peronospora Spp, Fusicladium Spp).
Promet Mg is a liquid fertilizer based on magnesium complexed with amino acids. It prevents magnesium deficiency and stimulates the harmonious development of leaves and buds. Promet Zn is a liquid fertilizer based on zinc complexed with amino acids. It prevents zinc deficiency, stimulates better growth of vegetative tissues and contributes to overcoming the growth pause caused by cold weather. All Promet products are allowed in organic agriculture.


Products Ca Cu Mg Zn
w/w w/v w/w w/v w/w w/v w/w w/v
Promet Ca 10.2 13
Promet Cu 6.4 8.2
Promet Mg 5.3 6.7
Promet Zn 8 10
Products Organic N Organic matter total AA free AA
w/w w/v w/w w/v w/w w/v w/w w/v
Promet Ca 2.9 3.7 18.6 23.6 18.3 23.2 3.1 4
Promet Cu 3.4 4.3 17.3 22 21.1 26.8 3.4 4.3
Promet Mg 3.1 3.9 25.8 32.7 19.2 24.4 3.3 4.2
Promet Zn 3.1 3.9 19 23.8 19.6 24.5 3.3 4.1


Form Density (g/L) pH
Promet Ca Liquid 1270 3.5-4.5
Promet Cu Liquid 1270 2.5-3.5
Promet Mg Liquid 1270 3.5-4.5
Promet Zn Liquid 1250 3.5-4.5


Foliar Spray Drip Irrigation


Doses are referred to each application:

Products Type of application Crops
Fruit trees Vegetables Ornamental
Promet Ca
Promet Mg
Promet Zn
Foliar 2.5-5 L/ha 2-4 L/ha 2.5-5 L/ha
Soil 1.5–2.5 L/1000 L
Promet Cu Foliar 80-100 ml/100 L 40-80 ml/100 L 80-100 ml/100 L
Soil 0.5-1L/1000 L
TIMING OF APPLICATIONS 2–4 applications every 7-15 days


1 L bottle (carton: 16 x 1 L)
6 L can (carton: 2 x 6 L)


Promet Line products can be used with the usually applied foliar fertilizer.


Avoid mixing with highly alkaline compounds, mineral oils, phosphorus, calcium, copper-based chemical compounds.


PROMET Ca safety sheet
PROMET Cu safety sheet
PROMET Mg safety sheet
PROMET Zn safety sheet
PROMET Line product sheet