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Kalex Line

Natural defences booster

  • It induces the natural self-defence of plants
  • Absorbed very quickly by leaves and roots
  • Complete systemic translocation inside the plant
Characteristics & results

KALEX line is composed by four products, three based on Phosphite plus one innovative formulation Phosphite-free. All the products can stimulate the production of Phytoalexins inside the plant. Phytoalexins give signals that trigger an endogenous defence response that allow the plant to obtain a systemic resistance.
KALEX line products have a great systemic xylematic and phloematic translocation inside the plant (both upward and downward in the plants vascular system); for this reason, they may be applied successfully by foliar spray, by drench or by drip irrigation, moving quickly from the roots to the leaves.

KALEX contains high % of K-Phosphite which acts as resistance inductor. KALEX allows to obtain a greater bio-fortification of the plant by strengthening its immune system.

KALEX Cu is a special formulation containing Cu-Phosphite which acts as resistance inductor. Copper will be active both by systemic and by contact thus granting a protection and resistance against a wider range of biotic stresses.

KALEX Zn contains Zn-Phosphite which acts as resistance inductor. KALEX Zn is strongly indicated for crops which suffer Zinc deficiency symptoms. KALEX Zn promotes root development and blooming thanks the important role of Zinc for auxins synthesis.

KALEX EVO is a new formulation phosphite-free based on carbohydrates, vegetal extracts, carboxylic acids and Copper. These natural components together with the synergic action of Copper determines an induction resistance against biotic stresses.
The defence effect is mainly due to the antioxidant effect of the organic compounds contained in KALEX EVO (they enhance the secondary metabolism stress response).







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Kalex Line

Natural defences booster

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