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Boron based

Plant nutritional supplement

BORAMIDE Pollen fertility and sugar translocation
CALCIBOR Fruit set, stronger fruits and tissues
MOLBOR Speed up the Nitrogen metabolism
TWIN Flowering uniformity and setting

Characteristics & results

Milagro has developed during the years a special line of Boron based liquid fertilizers. In this line of products, Boron, alone or with other nutrients, is present under organic chemical structure. In this form, the nutrients are easily translocated and assimilated by the plant, granting outstanding agronomical benefits and results.

Boron is a microelement essential for the growth of plants; it plays an important role in the metabolism and in the translocation of sugars, in the synthesis of proteins, pectins (cell walls) and lipids (oils). Boron is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the plant membranes and to ensure proper development and rapid growth of the meristematic tissues (of roots and shoots). Boron is also involved in pollen fertility, flowering, fruit setting and fruit development. Boron increases the Calcium availability inside the plant. Boron also influences crop quality by allowing a better sugar translocation to fruits or tubers.

BORAMIDE is based on a Milagro European REACH Registered compound. Thanks to this particular form, Boron is easily assimilated by the plant tissues (high mobility and high biological efficacy). BORAMIDE improves the pollen fertility and promotes a greater accumulation of carbohydrates and lipids in the organs.
CALCIBOR contains Calcium with Boron complexed with a organic compound. It stimulates the growth of the plant, improves the root mass, enhances the tissue thickness of the leaf and steam, extends the life of flowers and the setting, strengthens the peduncle, reduces fruits abortion, improves the consistence of the fruits pulp and the postharvest shelf life.
MOLBOR contains Boron with Molybdenum. The product has a strong functional activity on most legume crops as well as in fruit trees and fruit vegetables. In legume crops enhances nodulation and pod yield. It is essential for Nitrogen metabolism and assimilation. It is required for the synthesis and activity of the Nitrate Reductase enzyme. Moreover, it stimulates the activity and function of the Rhizobium bacteria. Finally, MOLBOR also promotes an intensive and uniform flowering and fructification.
TWIN contains Zinc with Boron. It accelerates the meristem functionality speeding up the plant structure formation, potentiates the flower induction, increases the number of flowers per plant and the flowers fertility.

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Boron based

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