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Secondary Nutrients

Plant nutritional supplements

APICAL For balanced roots and vegetative growth
CAL-BRIK Fruit quality and shelf life, against physiological disorders
CALCITEK Faster growth
TOPCAL Stronger cell walls

Characteristics & results

All the Milagro products included into this range contain high quantity of Calcium, one of the most important nutritional elements of the soil, and Magnesium, fully soluble and available for immediate crop uptake. This range of products can cover all the nutritional needs of several crops through the entire crop cycle, helping farmers to achieve the highest quality standards of production. Applying these products will result in healthier plants, higher yields but also firmer tissues and longer post harvest shelf life.

APICAL, with the simultaneous and balanced presence of Calcium, Magnesium and Nitric Nitrogen, gives prompt and efficient results. The three elements work together to improve roots and vegetal development.
CAL-BRIK is a perfect combination between Calcium and Magnesium, that guarantees better fruit quality reducing physiological disorder in the fruit (desiccation, rolling-up, apical rotting, bitter pit, phylloptosis and desiccation of rachis, fruit cracking). It guarantees an excellent post harvest quality.
CALCITEK contains a balanced presence of Calcium and Nitrogen that quickly stimulates vegetative development, growth and higher yield.
TOPCAL contains high value of Calcium with low molecular weight. It is absorbed and translocated into the tissues. It enhances the productivity and resistance to the fungal and bacteria diseases. It promotes the storage shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

Microelements & Secondary nutrients
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Boost the photosynthesis efficiency

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Secondary Nutrients

Plant nutritional supplements

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