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Mixed Microelements

Prevention of microelements deficiency

  • High nutritional efficiency thanks to the specific frame of the chelating agent
  • Excellent stability of the chelating agents to pH variations (high protection of micronutrients)
  • High solubility and wide compatibility when mixed with other products
Characteristics & results

MIXED MICROELEMENTS is composed by two specific formulations rich in chelated microelements, quickly absorbed by plants and specially designed to prevent micronutrients deficiencies.

AGRUMIN is used to prevent and correct Zinc and Manganese deficiencies. If applied in pre flowering, it allows to improve the quality and the yield of the harvest.
OLIGOMIX is a blend of chelated microelements. It contains high quantity of chelated Iron in two different forms. The wide range of chemical elements contained in the product allows to intensify all metabolic processes of crops.

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Mixed Microelements

Prevention of microelements deficiency

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