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Aminoleaf Line

Balanced plant nutrition

  • NPK for foliar application rich in chelated micronutrients
  • Prompt effect with high nutritional efficiency
  • Multifunctional, stimulates vegetative & productive development
  • May be blended with most Plant Protection Products
Characteristics & results

The products of the AMINOLEAF line are water-soluble NPK specifically designed for foliar application.

The application of the products of AMINOLEAF line is strongly suggested when the productive potential of plants is compromised or must be increased.
The AMINOLEAF line is designed to supply promptly available NPK and micronutrients. Rapidly absorbed by plants, products of AMINOLEAF line stimulate growth even in conditions of stress. They are suitable for plants with stressed root systems, for soils characterized by a strong fixation or lixiviation and when crops are affected by long periods of drought. AMINOLEAF line offers a wide option of formulas satisfying the nutrient requirements of plants in all growth stages.

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Aminoleaf Line

Balanced plant nutrition


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