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Multiphos Mg

Greening effect & starter

  • Quick absorption (even in case of low temperatures conditions)
  • Vegetative booster if applied by foliar spray (high Magnesium content)
  • Starter if applied by drip irrigation (high Phosphorus content)
  • Acidifying action: low the pH of the nutrient solution

MULTIPHOS Mg is a liquid fertilizer that can be used after transplanting until vegetative growth development and after flowering.
MULTIPHOS Mg is a special fertilizer that supplies promptly available Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium.


The Phosphorus contained in MULTIPHOS Mg stimulates root induction, flowering, ripening and improves the color of fruits because it is involved in the polymerization of the anthocyanin chains. Magnesium, being the main constituent of chlorophyll, plays an important role for photosynthetic efficiency.

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