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Nutrigold Line

Complete nutrition with high ME content

  • High content of chelated microelements
  • With subacid pH control agents
  • Low biuret content
  • Chloride free
Characteristics & results

NUTRIGOLD are microcrystalline water-soluble fertilizers produced with raw materials of very high quality and purity. The NPK ratio is extremely diversified and versatile, providing the correct plant nutrition during all the stages of crop growth.
These products are the result of our advanced research and know-how; NUTRIGOLD is the perfect choice for valuable crops nutrition; with extra value content of chelated micronutrients.
They dissolve quickly even in cold water and supply promptly available nutrients even in soils and waters with poor analysis.

Agrofol N300

Plant growth development


Starter with acidifying effect

Multiplant Line

Standard nutrition


Fruit growth, quality & yield

Nutrigold Line

Complete nutrition with high ME content

Nutripro Line

Multifunctional special fertilizer

Tioplus Line

High Sulphur content, strong acidifying effect

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