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Integrates soil organic fertility, for soil tillage

  • Increases the water retention capacity of soil
  • Improves soil buffering capacity
  • Promotes root respiration and development
  • Improves nutrient uptake through the root system

EKOTRON is a natural organic soil conditioner of fossil origin derived from Leonardite, rich in high quality humic and fulvic acids. EKOTRON acts as a binding agent between the soil particles facilitating the formation of a good structure. It contributes both to increase the soil exchange capacity and to make the insoluble elements available to the roots. EKOTRON is particularly indicated for exhausted soils, poor in organic matter.


EKOTRON carries out a revitalizing action in exhausted soils obtaining a more harmonic growth of the plants and better quality of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Soil conditioners

Integrates soil organic fertility, for soil tillage


Stimulates soil microorganisms activity & fertility

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Integrates soil organic fertility, for fertigation

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