Alba Milagro has always been highly committed to experimentation and innovation. Agronomist, chemical and industrial engineers work side-by-side on a daily basis to develop new solutions and study the most advanced application techniques.

In addition to its internal know-how, Alba Milagro also cooperates with several partners around the world – universities, independent laboratories, technical extension services and private consultants help the company and its customers to achieve the best results by means of highly innovative products.

R&D in Alba Milagro can rely on:

Advanced and select raw materials. Alba Milagro believes that innovation starts at the source, and works tirelessly to research and select the most innovative and reliable materials worldwide.
Accurate in-house production processes. At Alba Milagro, production is a key component of product development. The latest chemical and technological opportunities are constantly evaluated, in order to achieve the highest performing products.
Field testing. New products and application techniques are evaluated through experimental trials conducted with customers and partners all around the world.