Expert in nutrition
The science and technology of plant nutrition has evolved rapidly in recent years and this continuous evolution has led to significant product innovation.

The introduction of biological activators, as well as the use of both foliar and water-soluble fertilizers, has made plant nutrition a central element in farming practice and has made it possible to increase crop output and quality.

In other words, specialised plant nutrition has become the key to enhance the complex biological engine of plants and to provide them with all they need to realise their full genetic potential.

We now know that the currently grown varieties of crops require more “macro and micro” nutrients than they did in the past. These nutritional requirements need to be met over time by regulating the type and quantity of fertilizers that are used. In this way, specialized fertilizers and nutritional supplements can help regulate plant growth and will allow plants to achieve their ultimate potential.

Alba Milagro has been producing specialised fertilizers since 1988 and has always maintained a focused, innovative strategy.

Alba Milagro products combine efficacy and safety because they are designed to improve the biological efficiency of nutritional components to ensure the natural growth of plants.

Knowledge and Experience
Even if Milagro has extensive knowledge in crop nutrition, we continue to work side by side with the users of our products, trying to transform their experience into new products and new technology.
Our knowledge and experience in the manufacturing process and the quality of our technology have been fully recognized by leader companies in the agricultural field, which have entrusted our facilities with producing their specialties.

Worldwide Presence
Over the years Alba Milagro has developed a distribution network that today stretches over more than 50 countries, from Central and South America, across the Mediterranean basin and the major Arab countries and reaching the Far East.

Organic Products
Many Milagro products can be used in organic farming (EC Regulation 834/2007) and are an important base for this rapidly evolving market segment.

Our portfolio
Our product portfolio is the result of continuous R&D activity, both in our internal department and in association with universities and international research institutes.
Three aspects distinguish Alba Milagro’s products:

  • Developed in accordance with methods and technologies that protect the environment
  • Effective and easy to use
  • Ecofriendly