100% Made in Italy fertilizers

The Italian Fertilizer Loved Worldwide

About us

Milagro’s story starts in 1988 in Italy and, in a very short time, the company becomes a pioneer and a leader in the production of innovative biostimulants and nutritional olutions.
Research has been our main guiding principle ever since. Our product portfolio is the result of continuous R&D activity, both in our internal department and in association with universities and international research institutes.
Our aim is to meet the needs of the modern agricultural markets, which requires more sustainable crop productions and yields.

Brand identity plays a key role in differentiating Alba Milagro International from its competitors and is, in fact, expressed in its payoff “The Italian Fertilizer Loved Worldwide”.
Milagro’s fertilizers are 100% made in Italy and their quality is recognized at global level. Milagro can rely on a strong network of local partners whose cooperation is crucial to generate new business opportunities.

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We are... Excellent products

Our extensive knowledge in crop nutrition, together with our experience in the manufacturing process and the excellent quality of technologies and products make us a reliable, professional partner in the world of plant nutrition.

Service & Support
Always by your side

For decades, we have been assisting our clients on a daily basis: Milagro is by their side in developing the ideal nutritional strategy for every crop, so as to provide them with the most effective solutions. Our products are designed to improve the biological efficiency of nutritional components and promote the natural growth of plants.

The Group

We are an international, innovative and flexible partner, that meets the needs of the global market and our customer requirements.

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At Alba Milagro, the focus on quality permeates every day-to-day aspect of the business and involves every member of the company.

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