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Tioplus Line

High Sulphur content, strong acidifying effect

  • Nutritional effect + microelements optimization uptake
  • Rapid effect
  • Reduces soil salinity
  • Strong anti-chlorotic action
  • Free from Chloride
Characteristics & results

TIOPLUS line is composed by two products based on a high % of thiosulphate. Anion thiosulphate, is as an important source of Sulphur for plants, and it performs the following functions:
- Reduces the pH of the soil; as a result, some microelements (Iron, Manganese...) will be more available for plants;
- Regulates the action of urease and nitrification enzymes, reducing Nitrogen losses for leaching and volatilization.

TIOPLUS BASIS is a liquid fertilizer fully based on Ammonium thiosulphate. TIOPLUS BASIS is able to speed-up the microelements uptake which are essential for the early stages of crops.
TIOPLUS 36K is a liquid fertilizer fully based on Potassium thiosulphate, with the highest content of Potassium and Sulphur in the form of a clear liquid solution existing in the world. TIOPLUS 36K enhances the ripening processes. Moreover, TIOPLUS 36K is used for providing Potassium at the right time, especially when vegetative growth is undesired.

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Tioplus Line

High Sulphur content, strong acidifying effect

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