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Leaves cleaner/foliar application improver

  • Cleans plant surfaces from organic residues
  • Surfactant and adhesive effect
  • Acidifying action
  • Enhances the effect of foliar fertilizers and Plant Protection Products

ICARO is a new innovative Milagro solution containing Nitrogen and Phosphorus, acting as a foliar fertilizer soap.
The main effect of ICARO is to keep the plants clean.


Thanks to its formulation, ICARO also performs a repellent effect on small wax-covered insects.
ICARO cleans dirty fruits and leaves from organic residues, such as honeydew and sooty molds.
Thanks to its acidifying and adhesive effect, ICARO lowers the pH to the ideal values for treatments with Plant Protection Products and fertilizers, enhancing their effect without interacting with the plant’s metabolism.

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