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pH Master

pH regulator & indicator

  • Enhances Plant Protection Products action
  • The acidifying effect determines a better solubility of the nutritional solutions
  • pH indicator: presence of colorimetric scale on the label

pH MASTER is a special liquid NP fertilizer created to support and improve the efficacy of pesticide solutions and fertilizing mixtures.


When added to spray solutions, pH MASTER acts as:

- Acidifying agent: lowers the pH to the optimal values required by Plant Protection Products and fertilizers
- Indicator: gives to solutions a specific color that changes in relation to the achieved pH
- Adhesive-sticker: allows nutrients and Plant Protection solutions to form a thin layer on foliar surfaces to increase adhesion, improving the wettability of vegetation and increasing the penetration of active substances
- Dispersing agent: reduces the sedimentation of added products in mixtures

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pH Master

pH regulator & indicator


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