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Agrofol 650

Quality promoter for oilseed & cereal crops

  • Formulated with the highest amount of liquid Sulfur promptly available
  • Enhances the proteins synthesis into the cereals
  • Induces the accumulation of fats into the seeds

AGROFOL 650 is an excellent source of Sulfur and Nitrogen quickly absorbed by the plant. Both elements are important components of proteins; AGROFOL 650 has the highest available content of Nitrogen and Sulphur which interact efficiently in order to build the sulphur amino acids of the plant. Sulfur deficiency can affect the plants ability to utilize Nitrogen for protein synthesis.


AGROFOL 650 may be used on any cultivated crop but it is strongly suggested on oilseed crops (oilseed rape, sunflower, soybean...) and cereal crops (wheat, rice, corn...). Sulphur influences Nitrogen use efficiency, yield, and seed quantity and quality.

Foliar NPK
Agrofol 650

Quality promoter for oilseed & cereal crops

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