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Foliar Mix

Flowering setting & uniformity enhancer

  • High content of Phosphorus and Zinc
  • Contains chelated Zinc and Vitamin B1
  • High solubility, quick absorption by leaves, high nutritional efficiency
  • Compatible with most Plant Protection Products

FOLIAR MIX is a NPK water-soluble fertilizer with a high content of Phosphorus, Zinc and microelements.
FOLIAR MIX provides an extra source of Phosphorus that is readily absorbed by plant tissues, as well as Nitrogen and Potassium.
FOLIAR MIX contains a relevant quantity of Zinc which is needed for proper root and flower formation as well as for seed formation and maturity.


FOLIAR MIX is effective in critical growing stages, such as: - before flowering, in order to help flower formation, fertility and setting; - during fruit development, in order to increase quality and to hasten ripening.

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